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Roqayeh Ahmad Sabu, Kenyan Ambassador and Dr. Ziaee, the President, Discussed the Expansion of Medical Clinics and Cooperation in Disaster Management

Expressing the impression of IRCS activities on her, Sabu conveyed the Kenyan Red Cross compliments for medical aids and IRCS representatives in the Nairobi clinic. In her talks Sabu pointed to the natural disasters such as flood, earthquake and fire in Kenya, she said that youth and volunteers of Kenya Red Cross need the help …


In their Meeting Dr. Ziaee and Valerie Amos, Deputy of UN Secretary General in Humanitarian Affairs, Discussed the IRCS Humanitarian Aid to Yemen

Ziaee said that IRCS has sent its humanitarian consignment for the benefit of the needy people in the Yemen and is ready to deliver the consignment to UN agencies for its distribution among Yemenis. Ziaee condemned the strikes on civilians in Yemen and the prohibition of access to humanitarian aids for the affected population, for …


Iranian Red Crescent Humanitarian Aid to Yemen

“Save Ship” Loaded With 2500 Metric Tons of Humanitarian Aids Departed to Yemen Considering the Yemen crisis and its impact on the civilians that have lead to many casualties and injuries and consequently the urgent need for humanitarian aids and services, IRCS relief and medical consignment dispatched to Yemen on 10 May 2015. The consignment …


“Tehran Call for Action”

  International Seminar on Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Tehran, Iran 3-7 May 2015 We, representatives of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), International Committee of the Red Cross joined by participants from international and regional organizations, local governments, as well …


Tehran International Seminar on Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

First international seminar on Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Management focusing on urban resilience and increasing the efficiency of disaster risk reduction and disaster management programs in cities considering the impact of climate change was held in Tehran between 4 and 7 May 2015. Experts from national societies, IFRC, UN agencies and other national and …

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